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In addition to Winston Hospitality's Hotel operations and management capabilities, we also house hotel-specific solutions narrowly tailored to meet and exceed the needs of the hospitality industry. 

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Delta Five  is innovating the hospitality industry with automated pest detection technologies

that enhance guest satisfaction, boost profits, protect hotel reputation, and instill confidence

in hoteliers to offer guests a pest-free environment.

We strive to ensure a healthy environment for guests with our discreet, 24/7 pest monitoring

of guestrooms, including bed bugs. Our green, eco-friendly smart device will alert users of a

pest capture with an alert photo sent directly to a phone or email. Delta Five can assist hoteliers

in avoiding guest/pest encounters and supports an Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

approach to pest management.

Automated Insect Detection & Monitoring System

  • Wi-Fi enabled smart devices provide a proactive 24/7 automated system that utilizes computer vision to analyze, trap & report

  • Instant Notification: Room/location information to your devices & desktop

  • Cloud-Based Service: Secure, resilient, multi-platform, multi-location

  • Electronic Pest Management Record: Consolidated records, historical data, real-time analytics & trend analysis, insights & optimization

  • Risk Management: Liability/litigation defense with real data

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